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Our Services

Our Services

Coldaz Technologies (Private) Limited offers the following services;
1. Customized system designs to suit any cold chain or air conditioning and heating needs.
2. Fabricating and manufacturing of commercial cold rooms, freezer rooms, display coolers and freezers.
3. Installations and commissioning of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and electrical systems for all possible applications in the food, transport, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.
4. HEVA&C (Heating, Energy, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) scheduled maintenance of residential air conditioning systems in domestic buildings, to the elaborate systems used in commercial buildings such as offices and shopping malls.
5. Scheduled maintenance of all commercial and industrial refrigeration systems.

We are the specialists in all the sectors below:

Industrial Refrigeration

Water Chillers | Tunnel Coolers & Freezers | Processing Room Coolers | Spiral Freezers | Flake Ice Machines and Air Driers Coldaz Technologies (Private) Limited follows directly with its staff on all the various stages of construction of the refrigeration systems, from the engineering to the assembly of each individual unit according to project specifications and customer's requests. We are able to supply a fully customized package starting from the design up to the installation at site, commissioning and start-up of the system.

Commercial Refrigeration

Supermarket Refrigeration | Catering Refrigeration | Cold/Freezer Rooms | Ice Cream & Milk Shake Machines and Ice Makers.

Coldaz Technologies (Private) Limited can provide customers with a comprehensive service for all their refrigeration requirements. This includes, but not limited to, new installations, upgrades or extensions to existing equipment, variable speed drives, refrigerant retrofitting and full maintenance contracts.

Domestic Refrigeration

Smart Fridges, Single & Double Door Fridges, Deep Freezers and Ice Makers repairs and servicing.

Transport Refrigeration

Refrigerated Containers, Refrigerated Trucks, Refrigerated Trailers repairs, scheduled preventive maintenance service on reefers. We are have certified container reefer technicians.

Air Conditioning

Industrial Air Conditioning | Commercial Air Conditioning | Residential Air Conditioning | Office Air Conditioning | Automotive Air Conditioning | Dehumidification

With a choice of stylish modern indoor units, a wide variety of models and controls for each room, Coldaz Technologies (Private) Limited will provide you with cost-effective, comfortable and energy efficient solutions for your living room, bedroom, office or any other space.

Solar Installations

Domestic & Commercial Lighting
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Computers & IT

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